Inner Space Center



The Inner Space Center is an innovative leader in advancing ocean science exploration, research, and literacy.


The Inner Space Center uses cutting edge technology, including telepresence, for ocean science research, exploration, and education. The ISC generates accessible portals for the ocean research process, expanding the capacity for scientists to engage in real-time mission operations, while inspiring the next generation of ocean explorers. By providing high-level support for ocean expeditions, the ISC brings the excitement of discovery to onshore audiences, both locally and globally.

 At the Inner Space Center, we want to connect people with what's happening while the ships are exploring. All of the live dives are available to the public live on our website, free of charge, and optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Highlights from the dives we support are also posted on our YouTube channel, and in some special cases we provide a Video-On-Demand service that allows people to watch archived dive footage almost immediately after the original broadcast. These services are invaluable for students, scientists, and researchers!

We also have Twitter and Facebook accounts that the public can follow to get updates whenever interesting science or exploration happens.

Our goal is to give the public the feeling of being part of the action, while being on shore.

Though exploration vessels are often docked during Winter, tours are available year-round!