ISC Classroom

ISC educational programs are intended for school, youth, and public groups, 5th grade and above. Groups can choose from a variety of themes or topics for their 45-minute educational experience. For an additional fee, a tour of the ISC can be added to these programs.

Available Programs

Unknown Ocean

The Unknown Ocean program dives into the technology used to reach the depths of the ocean and how scientists, thousands of miles away on land, participate in ocean research in real time. Why are we exploring the deep ocean and what can we learn about its biology and geology? Join us for a journey to the deep, dark, unknown ocean.

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Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS)

This program immerses participants in the natural world phenomena of underwater sound.  Listen to a variety of ocean sound sources, from the low drone of shipping to the haunting sounds of the Weddell seal.  Investigate the science of sound waves, underwater acoustic technologies, and the potential impacts underwater sound may have on marine life.

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Hurricanes: Science and Society

This program introduces participants to the meteorology and oceanography that drive a hurricane. Groups will investigate the hazards to people and property from hurricanes and how to be prepared and stay safe during hurricane season. The program includes examples from historical hurricanes that have made U.S. landfall.

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Option 1: Classroom Experience at the ISC. $225.

  • Maximum group size is 30. Larger groups can be accommodated but will be split.
  • Groups can add an additional 45-minute tour of the Inner Space Center for $75.

Option 2: Virtual Classroom Experience. $250.