Press Kit

Feel free to use any of these assets in print or digital publications.


Please do not alter the mark other than to scale (preserving aspect ratio). If for some reason you need a format other than PNG, let us know.

Inner Space Center Logo #1

Official mark. For use in most cases.

Inner Space Center Logo #2

Use only when the white border on Logo #1 is not desired.

Inner Space Center Watermark

Use when applying a watermark credit to a picture or video. Invert color to black, or add a drop shadow, if visibility is poor on the desired background.


The Inner Space Center official font is Avenir. However, since this isn't a free font, other similar sans-serif fonts such as Nunito or Open Sans can be used for captions or headers.


The Inner Space Center brand colors are:

Gold - Pantone 132 - RGB: R180 G144 B0

Light Yellow - Pantone 7508 - RGB: R237 G214 B160

Blue - Pantone 534 - RGB: R43 G66 B115

Stock Photos and Videos

Please see THIS PAGE for pictures and video of the Inner Space Center that have captions and attribution information. All assets on this page are cleared for use without permission, but please send us an email with where and how you plan to use the assets so we can share your publication with our visitors.

View the embedded image gallery online at: